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Winter is upon us

It has been a busy year for us here at Bramble Ski. 2013 has been a year of further growth and change. This is what we have been up to:

  • Again our portfolio has grown this year. We now operate a fantastic collection of almost 50 luxury chalets and apartments across four of Europe’s finest resorts.
  • We have expanded our operational portfolio to the resorts of Villars in Switzerland and Lech in Austria.
  • We have re-developed and re-branded our website (we hope you like it) focusing on delivering the information our clients need in the most beautiful and efficient manner possible. Every bit of information on our new website is never more than three clicks away.
  • In anticipation of the above, we set out looking for a sales and marketing manager in the spring, and the response to this search was incredible. In the end, we had two equally strong applicants and as a result our sales and marketing team grew from one person to three! Welcome on board Malcolm and Fiona.
  • We’re upping our service levels again this year and recruitment is always a key driver in this. We pride ourselves in being able to pull together a team of professionals who thrive on the satisfaction of providing impeccable service. We have literally received thousands of applications this year and are excited about the team we have in place.

Now, with the first snow storms past and our teams arriving at the end of the week for staff training, it is game-on. As we embark on another winter providing our guests with unrivaled service in the most beautiful properties located in some of the finest European ski resorts, our vision is clear:  to redefine the luxury chalet experience.

Spring has arrived!

luxury property Verbier

Late afternoon sun over Verbier from the balcony of Amadouvier

Spring skiing is fantastic. And in Verbier spring is here.

The days are warm and long. And the high pressure system of the past week has brought splendid blue skies.

There are so many good things about a family skiing holiday in the spring. Here are three:

1) Not having to fuss with layer upon layer of clothing for the little ones.

2) Not having to feel like you have to rush out in the morning. The best time for skiing is when the snow has softened up after the night freeze. Sit back and enjoy that cup of coffee!

3) Sitting out on your balcony at the end of a great day in the mountains with a G’n'T.

To top that off, as we saw from the Verbier Xtreme held last weekend, there is no shortage of truly phenomenal skiing to be had if you want to go find it.

Its not too late to plan your last (or first) winter holiday of the season. Its been a fantastic winter in all, and its sure to be an amazing spring!

Kicking Horse to stay open for Easter

With the best precipitation in years, Kicking Horse Montain Resort has announced that the lifts will turn for a bonus two weekends and will close for the season on Easter Sunday, April 24th.

The mere thought of April skiing makes me giddy with excitement. By the end of April the days are already significantly longer, they’re warmer and the combination of slushy corn snow with late afternoon beers in the sun – there is surely no better way to end the winter. Please email to inquire about April availability.

The regular season ends on Sunday April 10th. The lifts shut-down Monday through Thursday for the next two weeks and turn again Friday April 16th until Sunday April 18th and on Easter weekend April 22nd to 24th. In pre-Kicking Horse days when the lifts were owned and operated by the community of Golden as the Whitetooth ski area, similar weekend operations were the practice and Fridays after a week of snow were known as powder-Fridays. They were days many members of the community took leave from work for. Who knows maybe we’ll even get a chance to relive powder-Fridays this spring?

It has been 10 years since the Whitetooth Ski area was bought from the community and re-launched as Kicking Horse Mountain Resort. It is easy to forget how young this resort is and how much further it has to go. A revised Master Plan of development has been under scrutiny from the provincial government for the past year-and-a-half and has just been announced approved and signed. This is the final step in the provincial approval process.

The document provides a path of expansion unobstructed by provincial, environmental or native opposition with the ultimate build-out goal of 20,000 beds, 14 ski lifts, 4,186 acres of skiable in-bounds terrain and an 18-hole golf course. It is a significant step forward but doesn’t mean that all the pieces will now magically fall into place and that development here will steam ahead.

The approval of the Master Plan lays out a future to look forward to, but part of Kicking Horse’s allure is its frontier feel. There is a priceless moment when, after travelling base to summit in a gondola full of cherry skiers and boarders, I find it’s just me and the mountain only minutes later, not another goretex-cladded soul in sight and the spectacular Columbia Valley beckoning me below. Magic!