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Switzerland, the penultimate Alpine state


Today is Swiss Independence Day, this year celebrating 721 years of confederacy. The foundation of modern-day Switzerland initiated back in 1291 with the allegiance of three cantons in central Europe.

The mountains were the natural defence of the local people at the time, but as trading routes were established over the high mountain passes of the Alps (notably over the St. Gotthard Pass) it demanded an allegiance for trade and defence. This makes it arguably one of the oldest republics.

It is a day of celebration across the country and much of the it is much like independence celebrations anywhere ... copious fireworks, music and dancing. Of course there are local flavours that stand-out, and here in the Val de Bagnes raclette will feature high!

Featured Image: © VERBIER PROMOTION, Yves Garneau

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Barry joined Bramble Ski in its first formal year of operations in Verbier to run the company's second chalet. He has been with Bramble Ski since then and is now a co-owner, heading up the sales and marketing department.

After studying a post-graduate degree in photojournalism at Rhodes University in South Africa, Barry followed a journalism career in Dublin and London. He took a career break from this to do a winter season and travel the globe, but did not quite anticipate how infectious his new life in the mountains would be.

Nine years on, he is married with three children and lives in Le Châble, Switzerland.

What are you passionate about?: Wild space.

What bugs you?: Arrogance.

Ski/snowboard? Why?: Skiing. Two planks are better than one.

Fave resort?: Kicking Horse in British Columbia.