Fiona Ellis

Fiona Ellis is Bramble Ski’s industrious and quirky Sales and Marketing Manager. She has lived and partied in Verbier, year round, since 2013. She started out life in the industry as a seasonaire but has since had extensive experience sales, marketing and business strategy in the ski industry.

What are you passionate about? My job . . . I love it! I work the most awesome people, get to live in the mountains and get to ski on my weekends . . . life is good! Oh I am quite passionate about Fonts. . . Century gothic is a personal fave.
What bugs you? Milk – I really don’t like it.
Ski/snowboard? Why? Ski. . . because it’s cool.
Fave resort? Fave resort? Verbier because I love living here. Lech because skiing is great, they have the most amazing department store called Strolz (Its the Selfridges of the mountains) the people are lovely and the place is spotless!