Summer In Val D'isere

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An amazing family holiday location throughout the winter, Val d’Isère makes no exception in summer. With adrenaline inducing experiences on land, in water and in the sky, as well as notable events and activities for all, discover the sunny side of this famous resort.

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Image credits: Office du Tourisme Val d’Isère

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In the Heart of Val D'isere


Canyoning involves an exciting descent through the terrain encompassing hiking, climbing, abseiling, swimming and diving. This varied approach to tackling the landscape is thrilling, challenging and most importantly fun – and children and adults can take part making for an exciting family day out. From Val d’Isère, it is even possible to canyon all the way over to Italy within a day!


The rivers and streams of Val d’Isère are gushing with meltwater in the spring and summer, making for an exciting once in a lifetime rafting experience. With a knowledgeable guide, you’ll navigate the turbulent waters and learn how to manoeuvre through the natural obstacle course of the riverbed, tackling jumps, natural water slides, swells and eddies. Also on offer is hydro-speeding, which involves surfing the water movements using a large float.


Biking in Val d’Isère is possible for those of all ages and abilities, from meandering cycle routes to difficult cross country and enduro trails, some of these even making up sections of the Tour de France. Likewise, options for hiking are limitless, with lifts open for free to pedestrians. Families can spend a perfect day out at Le Lac de L’Ouillette, an alpine lake where you can enjoy a picnic at 2500m, along with spectacular mountain views. In summer 2022, a new children’s play area will also open here. Experienced hikers can don their crampons for a glacial hike either on the Grande Motte or Pissaillas Glaciers. With a mountain guide, it is even possible to cross the Vallee Blanche over to Italy. Breathtaking views, untouched wilderness and awe-inspiring crevasses make it all worthwhile.


Summer skiing is possible on the Pissaillas Glacier throughout June and July. The area is only open until noon, due to the snow turning slushy as the day progresses. However, reasonably priced ski passes, lack of crowds and three lifts servicing the area make it a fun and accessible morning activity, if you feel like putting your ski legs to the test!


The Fête de la Musique takes place annually on the summer solstice in June across France. This jovial and free event spills out onto the streets from local restaurants and bars, and encompasses many different genres of music in a celebration of sound. From amateur garage rock bands to techno DJ’s, from classical quartets to traditional folk groups, you’ll hear it all. Let the celebrations surround you and draw you in as you peruse the village streets.

Bastille Day is a national holiday on the 14th of July, in memory of the storming of the Bastille in 1789. It is widely celebrated, with Val d’Isère making no exceptions – hosting various activities throughout the village and an impressive fireworks display when the sky darkens.

For years, the Alps have played host to the Tour de France, introducing gruelling mountainous climbs and making for some of the most challenging stretches of the race. The route changes yearly (although Val d’Isère has featured several times) and even if it is not part of the map during your stay, you’ll definitely still enjoy the highly-charged atmosphere as it is broadcasted on TV screens throughout the town and watched with bated breath.

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