Our best ski chalet recommendations

With the growing demand for luxury ski properties available on a longer-term basis, we have pulled together an exclusive portfolio of ski chalets available to rent for the whole season and beyond. Be it a central, ultra-modern chalet with spa in Val d’Isère like Etoile du Nord – West Wing or a more traditional family ski chalet for rent like NorthRock, Verbier – we can pair you with the perfect alpine home for your needs.

Interested in purchasing Alpine real estate?

Many of our clients who rent a property from us for the duration of the season, or for a year, are either testing out life in the mountains whilst hunting for a ski chalet for sale in the Alps, or are having an existing home built or renovated, and are using the seasonal rental as alternative accommodation. Our on-the-ground team can also assist with your search to find the perfect luxury ski home to add to your property portfolio.


Switzerland is home to many of the world’s most exclusive private schools. Some families relocate to the mountains to provide their children with the opportunity of attending one of these exclusive institutions. This is an invaluable opportunity for children to immerse themselves in a foreign language or to develop a true affinity with the sport of skiing, and the Swiss Alps offer an unrivalled outdoors lifestyle.

Multiple ski vacations per season or corporate retreats

A luxury seasonal rental enables our clients to make regular ski trips without having to pack bulky winter gear each time. Having a home-away-from-home in the mountains is a flexible and stress-free option that adheres to their busy schedule. We also have several ski chalets for corporate groups available for longer durations, which can be used as a convenient base from which to entertain clients and reward team members as and when needed.

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We set up our sister company Haute Montagne to cater to the exacting demands of our clients looking for the ultimate chalet holiday experience, expecting the finest luxury properties accompanied by the very best of service levels.

It is not by accident that the Haute Montagne experience has come to be known as superyachts in the snow.


Haute Montagne chalets are among the finest properties available to rent in the ski industry. They are the best properties in resort and are all stand-alone mega-chalets with beautiful furnishings and decadent spa facilities.


You will be looked after by a team of highly trained professionals, each selected for excellence in their field, attention to detail, and discretion.

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Peter Pan

  • Sleeps 12
  • Spa

Alpine Luxe properties are large, normally stand-alone chalets with decadent available space. Constructed from exceptional materials they have fabulous luxurious interiors.

The chalets range in size from 300m2 to 1,000m2 and have between four and 11 bedrooms.

Every booking in these properties comes with our bespoke concierge service from the very first contact we have with you at the time of taking the booking, building all the way to your arrival in resort, throughout your stay until the moment that you leave.

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Chalet Orsini

  • Sleeps 10 + 3
  • Spa
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Chalet La Datcha

  • Sleeps 10
  • Spa
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  • Sleeps 8 + 2

Alpine Classic properties are where are exacting standards begin. In many cases the only differentiating factor between Alpine Classic and Alpine Luxe is size. The quality of materials, the interior design and in many cases the available facilities are exceptionally good.

Servicing an Alpine Classic property requires the same caring attention to detail that a booking in any one of our properties demand. Again, because the properties are in many cases a lot smaller than our Luxe portfolio, they don’t demand the same size of teams, and this is the main criteria that determines the difference between service provision in a Classic or Luxe property.

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  • Sleeps 8
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Sorbier 118

  • Sleeps 8
trans rectangle

Apartment Baryte

  • Sleeps 6 + 2
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Apartment Beausejour

  • Sleeps 6 + 2
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  • Sleeps 6 + 1
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No. 5, Apartment 4

  • Sleeps 6
  • Spa
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No. 5, Apartment 2

  • Sleeps 4

Welcome to our newest brand Lagom, a portfolio of luxury properties beautifully interior designed and well-located. The Swedish principle of Lagom has no direct translation but is best described as ‘Not too much, not too little … just the right amount’.

For those wanting to make a conscious choice, these options are the perfect luxury alternative.

In the name of not too much, we provide the Lagom portfolio with reduced service options. These elegant apartments are only available on an accommodation only and self-catered basis. We will not provide these on a catered basis. This does not mean that you do not have choice … in fact through our service slider technology (coming soon) we open up a number of smaller choices (such as the frequency of housekeeping and whether you have toiletries in the property or not) to our guests to allow you to choose what is just enough to you.

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Apartment Lussy

  • Sleeps 8 + 2
 Property Seasonal Annual 
Apartment Baryte SOLD SOLD  
Apartment Beausejour 121700 - Available from: 01/12/2024   Until 30/04/2025 POA  
Apartment Lussy 168600 - Available from: 01/12/2024   Until 30/04/2025 POA  
Basalte 103 184050 - Available from: 01/12/2024   Until 30/04/2025 POA  
Chalet La Datcha POA POA  
Chalet Orsini SOLD SOLD  
EastRock POA POA  
Eclat Soleil 126 92450 - Available from: 05/01/2025   Until 30/04/2025 POA  
No. 5, Apartment 2 POA POA  
No. 5, Apartment 4 SOLD SOLD  
Peter Pan 729750 - Available from: 01/12/2024   Until 30/04/2025 POA  
Saturnin SOLD SOLD  
Sorbier 118 POA 230000 - Available from: 01/07/2024  

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