At Bramble Ski, we understand that we have been entrusted with one of the world’s most exclusive portfolios of luxury Alpine homes. Our properties are all distinctive, often reflecting the very international make-up of their owners. What they all have in common, however, is the level of quality and detail, both in the fabric of the build and the interiors.

Unlike many other companies, Bramble Ski’s policy is not to sweat the owners’ assets but to find the right balance between generating high weekly owner incomes while minimising wear and tear. Ten weeks rented per season to good clients at high incomes can be a far more profitable long-term venture than renting 14 weeks at heavily discounted prices to the wrong clients, damaging both the fabric of the property as well as its standing in the market.

Bramble Ski is one of the few true operators in the Alps where we contract all our luxury chalets on an exclusive basis. We are as uncompromising in our choice of chalets as we are in the staff we employ to deliver the very highest levels of service expected by our discerning client base. Many owners use our staff during their own stays at their properties and we offer various levels of pre-arrival and property management services to ensure the owners’ stays at the properties are as stress-free and enjoyable as the experiences of our clients.

Our team are increasingly involved in new property developments in the Alps. Working alongside architects and owners, they can help advise on the best configuration, facilities, and interiors to meet the needs of the luxury rental market while ensuring the durability of the property to wear-and-tear. As well as marketing directly to the end market, we also work with over 450 luxury travel agencies and concierge services in all the major developed and developing luxury travel markets.

We pursue a low risk business model where sensible capital reserves are maintained against any financial risks and all our chalets are sold in either Swiss Francs or Euros reducing our exposure to fluctuations in exchange. Our policy of taking cash damage deposits for every booking at the property ensures that any damages during a client’s stay are covered.

Imagery is everything in our industry and our photography, video work, website, and branding is market-leading. Our team of experts manage and finance the creation and distribution of all the marketing material for your property. We engage one of the top luxury travel PR companies and attend the world’s leading luxury travel fairs all targeted at increasing sales at your property (See Press Listings).

The company is headquartered in Valais, Switzerland in the very heart of the Alps with subsidiary companies operating in France and Austria. All the owners and directors of the company live year-round in the mountains and are heavily involved in the day-to-day operation of the business.

Very often we are asked to provide expert rental projections for properties as part of a financing deal and our real estate team can also advise and manage the eventual sale of your property when it is time to trade-up or move to warmer climes.

If you are an owner and interested in working with us, please contact us at

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