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This month, as we take stock from one of our most successful Christmas and New Year holiday season ever, we are proud to formally announce the launch of Bramble Property. This is our service, available to everyone, where we assist with the acquisition and disposal of property in Verbier. This branch of our business has been quietly humming away in the background for a couple of years, but with an increase in demand and more time in the property market, it is experiencing a natural evolution.  We have now polished and refined this concept and are excited about the opportunities it offers our clients.

In the operation of our portfolio, we have developed an intimate knowledge of the property market in Verbier. For several years we have been advising our clients on rental values and development opportunities and it makes sense to formalise this process by setting up Bramble Property. Best of all, because of the way in which the local market works, we are able to offer this service free of charge in almost all circumstances.

The property market across the country is in a state of limbo at the moment, as the Swiss government decides on the future of second home ownership for Swiss residents. In the meantime, buying and selling as a foreigner (or un Étranger as it’s known here) is comparatively straight forward. Keep an eye on this blog over the coming months as we keep you up to date with all the proposed lift developments and changes to legislation, and their ripple effect on the property in Verbier. We’ll try and cut through the rumours and speculation and give you the facts about what may or may not be happening in and around Verbier and its consequences on the local market.

If you are interested in finding out more about the current market, property values, and opportunities, please let us know by emailing Gil Carrillo at [email protected].

16th January 2015

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