“I just wanted to say thank you so much for an amazing season. I hope that you have received my letter that explains how exceptional the past 5 months have been, an experience I shall cherish forever.”

Hannah Dufty, 2019

“Thanks again for everything you gave me at Bramble – the experience was genuinely life changing. I gained so much confidence and belief that I could do something that was way out of my comfort zone. I hope this coming season is as successful as the last!”

Joe Hughes-Stanton, 2017

At Bramble Ski and Haute Montagne, we are always on the lookout for great people. We understand that our teams are the key to the success of our business, and we are constantly seeking out the best of the best.  It is a source of great pride to us that we have a very high rate of return staff to Bramble Ski and Haute Montagne. We have a lot of fun together and share the enormous sense of satisfaction that comes with creating truly memorable holidays for our guests.

We look for people with an innate ability to serve with a smile, be it Michelin-star trained chefs or hosts with five-star hotel housekeeping experience. The most important attributes for us are an ability to take pride in working hard, striving for excellence, and anticipating our guests’ needs.

The resorts we operate in are world-class, the skiing on offer is phenomenal, our staff accommodation is carefully selected, and our uniforms are top-notch clothing from companies such as Lodenfrey and Peak Performance®.

At Bramble Ski and Haute Montagne, we pride ourselves on recruiting the very best people from all over the world whenever possible. Unfortunately, due to current government restrictions, we can only employ people with valid E.U. passports, or people that have already acquired valid work permits for either Switzerland, Austria or France.

We receive a huge number of applications each year so, please give yourself the best chance of being selected for an interview by attaching a current CV with a covering letter and portrait photo. If you are a chef, submit a menu plan and a selection of photos of your dishes that will excite us!


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