At Bramble Ski, our core principle has always been to focus on our clients, to make their luxury holiday experience uniquely tailored to their individual wants, needs, and desires. We have engineered our business model to allow for flexibility, creativity, and an attention to every last detail where our guests are concerned.

Our intention has always been to raise the bar for skiers, enabling them to receive incredible service in the most beautiful of mountain properties. To this end, we are very proud of the recognition we have received with a number of ski industry awards.

One of our proudest achievements has been our instructor-concierge offering. Still unique in the ski world, Bramble Ski provides our guests with a highly qualified ski instructor, complimentary for two days as part of their catered holiday. The same person also performs the function of being the guests’ concierge for the duration of their holiday. This combined role makes so much sense: the instructor-concierge will lift our guests off a plateau that they had previously reached in their skiing or simply steer a group to the best spot in order to take advantage of the prevailing conditions. Perhaps an apéro in the sunshine or a cosy fireside lunch, the instructor-concierges have been living in resort for years and know all the hidden gems. The service they provide means that our clients too will know the resort like a local by the time they leave.

We are a Swiss-registered business, with two local entities in France and Austria, ensuring that we adhere to local laws in each of the countries in which we operate. We employ excellent, experienced people on the ground and seek out the best the Alps has to offer, not just in terms of skiing and luxury accommodation, but also in the local artisanal foods we source, the attention to alpine traditions displayed in our uniforms, and even the local wines featured on our wine lists.

We are lucky to have, arguably, the world’s best hotel school, Ecole Hotelier de Lausanne, on our doorstep and we are proud to employ more graduates from here than any other chalet holiday company.  Our priority is to provide exquisite service and our staff are on-hand to deliver this in the style you are most accustomed to, formal dining or barefoot luxury, we will follow your lead. Working for Bramble Ski is not just a working holiday, but an instrumental step on the journey to a career in luxury tourism.

Our four directors Barry, Colin, Duncan, and Natasha came to the mountains to share their passion and our excitement for this outrageously beautiful landscape and our enthusiasm lives on. We are focused on sustainability and we strive to give back to the local communities in which we operate through sponsorship of community sports teams, theatre, or new local businesses.

Since we started out in 2005, our team has grown, but we’ve remained loyal to our roots and Bramble Ski continues to be a group of people passionate about the mountains. Our people are, of course, our best attribute and we are constantly looking for the best and the brightest in the business. We have chefs with Michelin star training, hosts with superyacht and 5-star hotel experience, and chalet managers who have run world-class restaurants or butlered for the world’s most demanding families. With an emphasis on human understanding, our people engage with our guests to learn  what luxury means for them and we take the greatest of pleasure in getting it right for you and your group.  This starts before you arrive and is continued throughout your stay and beyond. To find out about working for Bramble Ski, please see our recruitment page.

We’re very proud of Bramble Ski today, and, as we continue to nurture the model, we strive to be the best choice for those seeking out unforgettable luxury ski holidays in the Alps.

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