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10 reasons to travel with Bramble Ski

  • 01

    The exclusive operators

    We operate our properties exclusively, which means we’re on-site every day, intimately familiar with our chalets and their surroundings. Booking directly with us ensures personalised service and stress-free holiday planning, with the confidence that you’re in safe, knowledgeable hands.

  • 02

    Outstanding guest satisfaction

    We pride ourselves on our outstanding guest satisfaction. Our high guests satisfaction score  reflect the positive experiences our guests consistently enjoy. Each interaction, from booking to departure, is designed to exceed expectations and create lasting memories. When you choose Bramble Ski, you’re choosing a level of service that delights and earns recommendations from our guests.

  • 03

    20 years of service

    Bramble Ski brings decades of Alpine expertise to each guest experience. Our long-standing commitment to excellence means we’ve had ample time to refine and perfect our offerings, ensuring that every aspect of your stay exceeds expectations. From truly exquisite chalets to tailored services, trust our seasoned team to deliver the very best in alpine hospitality.

  • 04

    Award winning luxury

    Our exceptional chalets across various resorts have earned us prestigious accolades at the World Ski Awards, showcasing our commitment to excellence in both our unrivalled properties and service. We’re honoured to consistently receive recognition from the ski industry, continually pushing boundaries to ensure our clients experience the very best of luxury hospitality.

  • 05

    Rooted in the Alps

    More than just a luxury ski chalet operator, we are your connection to the heart of the mountains. Bramble Ski is grounded in the Swiss Alps, where our company was born and has evolved over the years. Our extensive network, rooted in local expertise and a profound shared love for our surroundings, allows us to craft truly one-of-a-kind experiences.

  • 06

    Exceptional service

    At Bramble Ski, our exceptional service sets us apart. From the moment you inquire until your final farewell, each stage of your journey is overseen by a dedicated team member, ensuring you write the perfect winter story. Our mission is to deliver professional and personalised service tailored to your wishes. With various service levels, guests can customise their stay to meet their needs. There’s nothing we can’t do to make your Alpine experience exceptional.

  • 07

    Ski instructor concierges

    With a unique blend of expertise in navigating the slopes and curating tailored experiences, our concierges ensure every moment on and off the mountain is exceptional. Whether it’s teaching your child to ski, guiding your group, or securing the best lunch spot with a view, our concierges are flexible and dedicated to meeting your needs. Book your stay on a full-service basis and enjoy two days of complimentary ski instruction to enhance your mountain adventure.

  • 08

    Multi-resort operator

    Bramble Ski operates across eight renowned resorts in Switzerland, France, and Austria, offering you the opportunity to experience different locations while enjoying the same exceptional level of care and luxury chalets. With a year-round presence in each location, we provide personalized service and expert guidance whenever you visit. Our expanding portfolio features a diverse selection of exceptional chalets, ensuring you can choose the perfect setting for your next mountain escape.

  • 09

    Returning guests

    Over the years, we’ve had the privilege of hosting remarkable clients and creating unforgettable experiences. Our high rate of repeat guests speaks volumes—many return year after year, allowing us to cater to their preferences and provide a holiday experience that feels like coming home.

  • 10

    A love for skiing

    Our company was founded on a deep love for skiing, a passion that has driven us from the very beginning and continues to fuel our growth. This love extends beyond our work to our connection with the mountains we call home. It’s the driving force behind everything we do, enabling us to craft exceptional mountain experiences and lasting memories for our guests.

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