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Five tips to get your chalet ready for sale

The winter season is rapidly approaching and before we know it Christmas will be upon us and then the fun and sore heads of New Year. While we daydream of days out in the crisp clean air, or in the buzz of a mountain restaurant, it’s easy to forget that if you’re also planning on selling your property this winter, then now is the time to start preparing your property for sale. Of course, you want your property to be as appealing as possible to potential buyers, but what are the key things you need to think about if you’re about to go to market?

1) Declutter

Take away as much “stuff” as you can. Those trinkets and mementos that you’ve collected over the years can be packed away carefully now. Then, there are the things you’re storing for yourself and others that you probably won’t use. This is a perfect opportunity for a trip down to the local charity shop where everyone benefits. Present a clean and simple space and purchasers will find it much easier to imagine what they would do with it.

2) Deep Clean

Ensure that the property is deep cleaned inside and out. Make sure the entrance, whether it be in an apartment block or along a garden path, looks its best. Spend some time tidying up the outside terrace, garden or balcony. Anything that’s not essential or adding to the decoration of the space should be tidied away. If you have carpets or large rugs, give them a steam or dry clean because this will not just look better, but almost as importantly, it will smell better too.

3) Finish half-complete jobs

Wrap up any little projects around the home, and get those little repair jobs done that you have quite gotten ‘round to. A loose door handle or squeaking hinge? A cupboard drawer that won’t shut properly? All of these little things make a big difference when trying to sell your property.

4) Don’t overcapitalise

Think carefully and get some advice if you want to go further than the minor items. Very few people want to buy a property and change nothing. What you’re trying to do is make it as easy as possible for them to imagine what they would do with it. If you really want or have to do something, then keep the colours neutral when preparing your property for sale.

5) Get professional photographs

Lastly and probably most importantly, style or dress the property for a day and have it professionally photographed. Your agent with a camera phone, or a friend who is a keen amateur, just won’t cut it! You’ll never know about the people who close the web page without even contacting the agent. This is your first and best chance to get people interested in coming to see your property. At least if they’ve done that, and then they’re not interested, your agent can ask them why and maybe you can address it.

Bramble Real Estate provide property acquisition and disposal services to our clients across the Alps. If you’d like to know more or have other questions about selling your property in our resorts please get in touch on [email protected].

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12th October 2017

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