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A New Generation Of Ski Instructors Our Bramble Ski Pros

At Bramble Ski, our focus is crystal clear: ensuring you have an amazing experience that leaves a lasting impression. Our teams of dedicated professional Ski Instructors spread across various resorts have been hard at work, uncovering all the best-kept secrets and hidden spots. But it’s not just about what we find – it’s who we know. Through building strong connections, we’re able to provide you with insights and advice from those who truly understand the mountain environment. Our way of making sure you’re getting only the best guidance every step of the way.

Elevating your experience – The Bramble Ski Way

Bramble Ski is home to a team of mountain connoisseurs, all irresistibly drawn to the mountain and everything it has to offer. Our commitment goes beyond providing luxury accommodation; it’s about enabling you to embrace the alpine lifestyle at its very best. This is where the journey with a ski instructor comes into play, an experience where you can let your hair down, tuck away your planner, and let someone else take care of the logistics.


Bramble Ski Instructor


Bramble Ski Pro’s – Redefining Hospitality 

The Bramble Ski Pro’s (BSP’s), aren’t your typical ski instructors; they’re your personal on-the-ground concierge, here to transform your stay. Our BSPs possess a unique expertise, not only in navigating the slopes and having all the knowledge on the best spots within the resort, but also in curating a tailored and engaging experience for your entire stay. Whether it’s teaching your child how to ski, guiding your group around the mountain, or making sure you get the best table on the mountain for lunch with a view, our BSPs are always flexible and will ensure that your needs are met to the highest standard.


Bramble Ski Instructor


Beyond Skiing: Your Personalized Journey with a Bramble Ski Instructor

Your BSP will be waiting for you upon arrival, in order to welcome you and ensure everything is seamlessly set up. Their role stretches beyond ski passes and equipment tips, they will also assist you with luggage and acquaint you with your new mountain retreat. Your BSP will be your resource for any request, whether it’s nabbing a reservation at the hottest restaurant, organizing distinctive excursions, making sure the bar is fully stocked with your favourite drinks, or simply directing you to the best secret fondue spot in town. Your BSP will be your unwavering point of contact, dedicated to enhancing your journey.


Bramble Ski Instructor


Ski, Stay, and So Much More

Our Bramble Ski Pros embody the spirit of going above and beyond, ensuring your journey is nothing short of extraordinary. And here’s the exciting part: When you choose Bramble Ski, a BSP is an essential part of the experience, acting as a concierge for many of our properties. To add to the excellent service, our clients also benefit from two days of complimentary ski instruction, from a Bramble Ski pro when staying in a catered chalet. Many of our guests extend this beyond the initial two days, finding that the value of having a knowledgeable local by your side becomes a must for a relaxing and rejuvenating escape.

Explore our exclusive collection of luxury properties across eight renowned resorts. Let Bramble Ski and our dedicated BSPs aid you in creating memories you will hold onto for years to come. 

If you’re eager to secure one of our enchanting winter properties and indulge in the unparalleled service of our Bramble Ski Pros, don’t hesitate to reach out to our dedicated sales team, who are awaiting the chance to assist you in discovering the ideal property tailored to your every desire.


1st September 2023

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