The search for new teams


Bramble Ski’s numbers of returning staff are at an all-time high but the search for additional team members is well underway!
Here’s our top five tips for getting your application past the first hurdle.

1.       Check and double-check. Check your spelling and grammar. Any small mistakes will show you are not a details person.

2.       Get our name right. If you are mailing a lot of companies at once make sure you do not send off your covering letter with the wrong company name on it.  This happens more often than you would think and I reject any candidates that make this basic error.

3.       A picture tells a thousand words. Put a smiley picture on your CV it shows me that you are a friendly person and makes the reader instantly warm to you.

4.       We can read between the lines!  If you miss out dates on your CV because you’re hoping to make the time you have spent in one job seem longer we will spot it.  Always be honest, it is normal to have had a few short term jobs these days.

5.       Hey there! I am not your buddy, please write a formal application, I am judging your ability to act appropriately and be professional.  Text talk is never appropriate.

So that’s it we wish all of you the very best of luck in the search for work this winter and hope to see you in one of our resorts next season.


Other luxury chalets from Haute Montagne

indulge in the ultimate luxury experience

We set up our sister company Haute Montagne to cater to the exacting demands of our clients looking for the ultimate chalet holiday experience, expecting the finest luxury properties accompanied by the very best of service levels.

It is not by accident that the Haute Montagne experience has come to be known as superyachts in the snow.

the properties

Haute Montagne chalets are among the finest properties available to rent in the ski industry. They are the best properties in resort and are all stand-alone mega-chalets with beautiful furnishings and decadent spa facilities.

the service

You will be looked after by a team of highly trained professionals, each selected for excellence in their field, attention to detail, and discretion.

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