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Uniquely Bramble Ski: An interview with our Host, Matt.

Trained through the Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne, a Swiss hospitality school widely regarded as the best in the world, our hosts are chosen for their backgrounds in luxury service, meticulous attention to detail and their dedication to going above and beyond for our guests. In catered bookings, they will be on hand throughout to ensure that the experience is as comfortable and relaxing as possible. Be it preparing hot coffee for guest’s return from the slopes, serving delicious dinners, assisting with the packing or shaking up their favourite cocktails on request; they are there to take the hassle out of the holiday and to give the sense of home away from home.

Why live and work in the Alps?

We spoke to Matt Croucher, who has been with Bramble Ski in the position of both Host and Chalet Manager across St Anton, Lech and Verbier, so he truly knows the company inside out. We wanted to hear first-hand what makes our in-chalet teams so special, because in order to set the standard in the luxury ski travel industry, we believe it all starts with our people. Firstly, how did Matt end up based in the beautiful Alps? 

“When you’ve done one season and experienced what life can be like in the mountains, it’s hard to leave it behind. So you end up coming back and doing it all again. Four seasons down and couldn’t think of a better place to be.”


Host clearing snow


Our host training

This is a recurring story amongst those of us who live and work in the mountains. People tend to come to try something different, and before you know it, the amazing lifestyle and stunning landscape have you under their spell. This means that many of our hosts either return winter on winter, or base themselves in the resorts during summer too, allowing for incredible insider knowledge and a great deal of experience. Matt agrees that this is an element that makes our hosts a cut above the rest.

“The one amazing thing about Bramble Ski’s training is being taught from people who have been in the industry for so many years, still having the same spark and passion they started with, which only ever grows stronger. From the get go, you’re made to feel like you’re part of the Bramble family, so it is no wonder why so many people also want to come back and work for them year after year.”


Host clearing snow around a hot tub


A passion for excellence

After training is over and the season is in full swing, our hosts work exceptionally hard to ensure that our brilliant level of service is maintained day and night. It is a perfect balancing act between going above and beyond for our guests, and simultaneously creating an effortless experience which allows them to fully relax in peace, and create amazing memories with their loved ones. So day in, day out, what is Matt’s favourite aspect of the job?

“This is like no other chalet hosting job. The clientele that Bramble Ski has is of very high calibre, and being able to provide the exquisite service that we do, only ever makes you want to better the bookings even further”


Hosts opening curtains


What does it take?

The drive to constantly out-do ourselves is a quality shared with the entire Bramble Ski team, be it in-chalet or on the operations side of things. But there are some skills that are particularly specific to the role of hosting. We asked Matt to summarise the uncompromisable abilities that make a great host, in his opinion.

“Firstly, professionalism. Bramble Ski attracts clientele who expect the best of the best, and it’s pretty imperative that we sustain that throughout their stay. Secondly, knowledge of napkin folding – you would think you’d want to be spending your free time either at après or skiing, when actually you’re scouring through YouTube trying to find the most appropriate fold for the evening’s dinner. It gets pretty competitive. Thirdly, polishing. From teaspoons to steak knives and from wine glasses to champagne flutes, you name it, it needs polishing! It is all about the details!”


Host folding towels


The big question…

Napkin folds aside, there is competitiveness outside of the workplace, too. We broached a contentious issue for our last question to Matt… Skiing, or snowboarding? As many do, he had a strong opinion on that one.

“Snowboarding, what’s that? Skiing all the way for me! I’ve been skiing from the youngest of ages and couldn’t imagine not being able to. No better feeling than fresh powder and a blue bird day.”


Host Matt on the balcony


At least that sentiment is something we can all agree on. The experience of waking up to a clear blue sky over pristine white peaks is incomparable to any other. It’s what has captured so many of us, and we relish in creating that same magical feeling for our guests. Our wonderful hosts certainly play a key role in causing our loyal clientele to return time and time again, and encouraging them to fall under the spell of the mountains, too.


4th March 2022

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