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Want to work in the Alps? Here are 6 great reasons to choose Zermatt

We are currently recruiting for positions in Zermatt and we wanted to share with you some of the reasons our team have given for why they love living and working there. Read on to discover our top 6!

1. The landscape

This stunning Swiss resort is iconic – with the real-life chocolate Toblerone – the Matterhorn – casting its colossal presence across the town which oozes charm and unimaginable beauty. You’ll never tire of that mammoth mountain – a beacon attracting travellers from afar to experience the place for themselves.

The town itself is picturesque – traditional Swiss architecture meets more modern buildings and the river runs through the middle of town, drawing your eye up to the snowy peaks.


Zermatt landscape


2. Switzerland’s all-electric resort

Yes, there are no cars, but what’s wrong with that? Zermatt has been all-electric way ahead of its time. Little toy car-like taxis and horses and carriages await you at the train station as you enter this winter wonderland. Worried about transport links? Don’t be, with regular trains almost direct from Zermatt to the major Swiss cities of; Bern 2.5 hours, Geneva 3.5 hours and Zurich 3.5 hours – the Christmas markets or a change of scene from the mountains are completely accessible on a day off.


Zermatt trains


3. It’s a way of life

Zermatt offers an excellent quality of life, that goes beyond just the fresh mountain air. The town is 2.5km long, so you have the advantage of walking everywhere or hopping on an e-bike to be at your destination in minutes. The shops have everything you need, so you’re not missing out on much from the world below! The small-town bubble vibe that is Zermatt is a refreshing pause from the hustle and bustle of outside life. Who doesn’t need that?

There is also a great sense of community. If you’re a novice skier but are keen to explore, there are a wealth of great instructors here to help you learn and often discounted (or even free!) lessons are offered to resort workers.


Zermatt at night


4. The skiing

The ski area around Zermatt is huge – an expanse of 360km of piste – and as the highest ski area in Switzerland, it guarantees an abundance of fresh snow throughout the season.

Take a day skiing trip to Cervinia, Italy for Prosecco and pizza for pennies! That’s right – Italy is just a ski away, so you can cross country borders for a day off with friends (and that’s included in your international ski pass).

Not into skiing? No problem, Zermatt has all the non-skiing activities you could dream of; a full-size ice rink, curling, snowshoeing, husky sledging, a lovely cinema showing all the latest movies and even escape rooms for those after something different! There’s so much to explore and access on foot too, so meeting skiing friends at a mountain restaurant is easy and completely doable on a split shift.


Zermatt skiing


5. Eating & drinking

Did we mention the food? There is no question that Zermatt is home to some of the best restaurants in the Alps, both on and off the mountain. There is nothing better than skiing to a delicious lunch at Findlerhof to enjoy endless sunshine on Sunnegga (which literally means ‘sunny corner’) or a walk to Blatten to join end-of-day skiers with Wallisteller & Aperols all ’round. You’ll be truly spoilt for choice in this chocolate box town!

For vibrant, electronic euro-style après Hennu Stall is the place to be, in a hut located at the bottom of the Furi-Zermatt valley slope, where you’re guaranteed a lively end to the day. Meanwhile, a chilled and classy atmosphere can be found at Cervo, with great DJ’s and live sets on the terraces, and ski-in accessibility making it the perfect après spot. The best cocktail in town – according to our sources – is a whiskey sour from Club Mamacita – open daily from 16:00 until 03:00. With South American influences and an atmosphere to match, find live music here every night, and take to the dancefloor until the early hours. 


Zermatt food


6. Memories & friendships to last a lifetime

We will leave it to our Zermatt Resort Manager Harriet to describe her experience on this one:

“The thing I am most spoilt for here is friends; the passionate people I have met along the way during my time in Zermatt have been a constant source of support, love and laughter and there is no question they have helped shape my love for this place! The opportunity to be part of an international community of genuine, kind and awesome humans is a reason in itself to choose Zermatt as the resort for you this winter. Come join the team, I promise you won’t regret it! Just one season, try it. Could turn into a year, or 4!”


Bramble staff


We are currently recruiting for a variety of positions across our resorts. Learn more about working as a Host in Zermatt, or view our other current positions. We can’t wait to hear from you!

30th September 2022



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