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Bramble Skis Top 10 Packing Tips For A Seamless Family Ski Holiday

Planning a family ski holiday, whether you’re a first-timer or you’ve experienced this task many times before, is undeniably exciting yet, at times, a little overwhelming. We recognise that packing for such an adventure, especially with little ones in tow, can present a considerable challenge. 

To ensure a seamless lead-up to your holiday and an overall enchanting experience, we’ve collaborated with two renowned in-resort childcare experts—Petit Verbier in Verbier and Jelly and Ice Cream in Val d’Isere—along with Cirkel Supply, a luxury ski clothing rental company.

Together, they provide invaluable insights to present our top packing tips for a stress-free and magical winter holiday.


Bramble Ski Top Packing Tips

Top 10 Ski Packing Tips From The Experts  


1. Quality Base Layers:

First on our list of packing tips is, invest in good-quality base layers for each child. From proper ski socks to thermals, getting the base layer right is crucial for comfort on the slopes. Remember, too short socks can lead to uncomfortable ski boot experiences, so opt for layers that keep your little ones cosy.

2. Outer Layers:

Whether it’s a ski jacket or a one-piece snowsuit, the outer layer is key. For the under-2s, one-pieces are more practical. If you choose snow pants, look for dungarees or bibs that go up to the chest for added protection against snow and sliding trousers.

3. Sun Protection Matters:

The mountain sun can be intense, and little faces need protection. Ensure you have suncream on hand as well as sunglasses or ski goggles. Consider having both low-light goggles and sunglasses for varying weather conditions. Even toddlers in ski school need eye protection, so get them used to wearing sunglasses before the trip.

4. Mittens or Gloves? Bring Both!

One of Petit Verbier’s top packing tips is; opt for long gloves that go over the jacket and zip up at the side, with wrist straps to keep them attached. Mittens are recommended until children are around 5 years old. Jelly and Ice Cream propose taking two pairs, as one glove always seems to go missing!

5. Keep Those Feet Warm:

Snow boots are a must for building snowmen and enjoying sledging. Look for boots with removable inner liners that can be taken out at the end of the day to dry.


Bramble Ski Packing Tips

6. Hat and Neck Warmer:

Warm hats are essential for post-ski hangouts, and a neck warmer or thin buff helps keep your little ones warm while preventing jackets from rubbing on their delicate chins.

7. Organization Is Key:

Packing cubes are your best friend. Sarina, who runs Petit Verbier, is a mother of three and swears by them. Assign a cube for each child, and get them to help you unpack!

8. Snacks are Essential

Always pack snacks in a little rucksack, along with spare gloves and water. The cold, along with all the fun activities, will tire the kids out, but snacks will be your saving grace!

9. Save on Space, Look into Premium Skiwear Rental:

For those who dabble with skiing a few weeks each year, renting instead of purchasing your clothing is a great option. Cirkel Supply suggest renting your skis and skiwear in resort, so thant you  can  travel to the Alps as light as a feather. For families with children who outgrow clothing at lightning speed, rental also allows you to dress your kids in top-of-the-range equipment without having to buy all new skiwear every year. 

10. Layers, Layers, Layers

For backcountry enthusiasts, ski tourers should consider layering shell pieces with a puffer jacket to regulate temperature during climbs and descents. All skiers and snowboarders should have a high-quality pair of gloves to protect their hands from the snow, as well as a pair of inner gloves for when that well-deserved après-ski drink is in hand.

If your preferred skiing experience involves skiing straight to lunch, make sure to pack or rent a puffer jacket to stay warm as you enjoy a leisurely lunch on the balcony of a picturesque mountain restaurant.


Bramble Ski Packing Tips


Let us take care of the details 


Remember, the key to a successful ski holiday lies in finding that perfect balance between being organized yet staying flexible. Our dedicated team in resort will be on hand to help you source anything you may need or have forgotten, ensuring your holiday exceeds all expectations.

From the moment you arrive, we ensure that every detail is just as you imagined and more. Whether it’s unpacking or repacking your bags, our wonderful team is here to assist with any query, ensuring you feel completely at ease.

Contact our dedicated sales team to kickstart the planning process and ensure every detail of your getaway is tailored to your needs. Enhance your preparation with our Bramble Ski Packing Checklist PDF—download it now for a stress-free and well-prepared alpine retreat!


24th November 2023

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