Getting the most out of family ski holidays


17th February 2020

The mid-term break is upon us and ski resorts are braced for the invasion. Sticky drinks will be spilt, ski poles will be used as swords, tantrums will be spectacular and lifelong memories will be made. Because if you’re a parent who grew up with ski-loving parents, you’ll know that, despite the hardships of tight-fitting one-piece ski suits and achingly slow, hard-seated chairlifts, some of your favourite memories were made during your childhood’s family ski holidays.

That said, there are certainly basic measures that parents can take to ensure that their family ski holidays are as free of drama as possible. Here’s our tips on how to survive the mid-term madness and return home from your ski holiday with the best kind of memories.

Dress well

As the Swedish say, ‘there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing’. In the mountains, you can expect any kind of weather so it’s important to be prepared for anything. Children’s temperature control buttons are irregular and easily bumped (they bypass warm and go straight to roasting). So, start by investing in good thermals (which don’t need washing every day by the way) and layer over with a zip-up fleece and good repellent ski wear. A buffer is an essential piece of kids’ ski gear, keeping their necks warm and providing face protection from frosty winds, especially when riding the chairlifts.

Bring snacks

Having energy boosting snacks is never more important than when on the slopes. Skiing snow plough all day takes a lot of work, so keep a regular supply of calories to keep your little ones going. A packet of gummy bears goes a long way, as long as you don’t pull them out at the first stop.

Take Breaks

The humble hot chocolate (though frequently overpriced) has saved many a parent’s sanity on the mountains. Kids will ski down anything to get their lips around a chocolat chaud. So be sure to take plenty of breaks to warm up little hands and bellies.

Carry a backpack

Though slightly awkward when sitting on chair lifts, a backpack is essential when skiing with kids. Throw in your essentials – sunscreen, a bottle of water, and an extra fleece and a pair of gloves for each child. A backpack is helpful for later in the day when the temperature goes up and the layers start to come off.

Reserve your lunch spot

Restaurants will be rammed at lunch, so share in the smug sense of the well-organised as you make a beeline for your table. But don’t be late, restaurants will not hold tables during this busy period.

Plan your day (but be flexible)

Having a plan gives structure and limits decision fatigue. But things don’t always go according to plan, so stay breezy when the plans fall apart. Having lessons booked for the morning is ideal, it gets everyone out the door nice and early, and gives you the afternoon to cruise as a family and so the kids can show off their new skills.

Mix it up

Book in some non-skiing activities, little legs will appreciate the break and it’s another way to bond as a family. Ski resorts typically have a variety of off-the-slope activities on offer especially during the holidays. Stay posted for our next blog featuring the best of what’s happening in the six resorts in which Bramble Ski operates, Verbier, Zermatt, Val d’Isère, Méribel, St. Anton and Lech during the mid-term break.

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