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Bramble Skis Top 10 Best Family Activities for your Half-Term Luxury Ski Holiday

Embarking on a luxury ski holiday with your family during the half-term break is not just about hitting the slopes. While the thrill of skiing is undeniable, there are numerous activities beyond the powdery peaks that can transform your getaway into an unforgettable experience for the entire family. Here are the top 10 best family activities to enhance your half-term luxury ski holiday:



1. Snowshoeing Adventures:

Take a break from skiing and explore the winter wonderland on snowshoes. Guided snowshoeing tours offer a serene way to witness the breathtaking alpine scenery while catering to various fitness levels within the family.

2. Sledging Extravaganza:

Unleash your inner child with a day of family-friendly sledging. Whether racing down specially designed slopes or enjoying a leisurely ride, sledging promises fun and laughter for all ages.

3. Après-Ski Hot Chocolate Delight:

After a day on the slopes, treat the family to a decadent après-ski experience. Indulge in rich hot chocolate topped with marshmallows or venture into the world of Swiss fondue for a cosy and delicious evening.

4. Ice Skating under the Stars:

Glide across the ice hand-in-hand with your loved ones at the local ice rink. Many ski resorts offer enchanting night-time skating sessions, providing a magical experience for the whole family.

5. Winter Wonderland Walks:

Explore the charm of the snowy landscape with a family stroll through winter wonderland trails. Some resorts feature illuminated paths, adding a touch of magic to your evening walks.


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6. Mountain-Top Dining Experience:

Elevate your dining experience by booking a mountain-top restaurant for a family feast with panoramic views. Many resorts offer cable car or sleigh rides to these exclusive culinary destinations.

7. Snow Sculpture Competitions:

Foster creativity and friendly competition with a family snow sculpture contest. Let imaginations run wild as each family member contributes to crafting a unique snow masterpiece.

8. Indoor Fun at the Kid’s Club:

Give parents a well-deserved break by enrolling the little ones in the resort’s kid’s club. Packed with games, crafts, and supervised activities, it ensures that every family member enjoys their vacation to the fullest.

9. Scenic Train Rides:

Experience the beauty of the surrounding mountains with a scenic train ride. Many ski resorts offer picturesque railway journeys, providing a relaxing and visually stunning alternative to the slopes

10. Cultural Excursions:

Immerse your family in the local culture by exploring nearby villages, museums, or historical sites. This not only adds depth to your vacation but also creates lasting memories beyond the ski slopes.


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Incorporating these diverse activities into your luxury ski holiday will undoubtedly elevate the experience for every family member, making the half-term break an unforgettable blend of adventure, relaxation, and quality time together.

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2nd February 2024

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