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Uniquely Bramble Ski Beautiful handmade uniforms

Being chauffeur-driven through the snowy landscape and stepping into your luxurious catered chalet are not the only things that signify that your Bramble Ski holiday has begun.

A warm greeting from our traditionally dressed in-chalet staff is a feeling like no other, transporting you back in time and giving the essence of true Alpine hospitality.

We have always insisted that our teams have uniforms of exceptional quality from the most respected providers. We understand that when they look their best, they’ll feel their best and when they feel their best, they’ll deliver our signature incredible service.

We love the air of quality and heritage surrounding classic Alpine wear. Instantly synonymous with the quaint tale of Heidi, the romance of The Sound of Music and a nostalgia for times gone by, our dirndl-style dresses and smartly tailored traditional men’s waistcoats add a very special kind of magic to your holiday.


Uniforms - driver and hosts


Long-standing Heritage

‘Trachtenbekleidung’ (traditional clothing from German-speaking countries) was designed to serve a purpose in challenging Alpine conditions, with durable, flexible fabrics helping with ease of climbing and hiking in mountainous terrain. Originally, the typical outfits were paired with woollen knee-high socks and short-brimmed felt hats in the winter, to protect from snow.

Although this clothing is predominantly associated with German-speaking regions, the Savoie region which encompasses our French resorts has its own traditional wear, incorporating many of the same design features to combat harsh conditions found across the Alps.


Traditional clothing at Swiss National Day in Zermatt


Who makes our uniforms?

We use handmade outfits designed by Lodenfrey and Gottseidank, paired with quality outerwear by Peak Performance.

Lodenfrey pride themselves on making all of their garments in Europe, using only natural, renewable raw materials from Alpine farms where possible. They work very closely with carefully selected designers to understand the functionality of the materials they choose to use, and are responsible for our smart men’s waistcoats.

As suggested by their name, they have been using Loden Fabric for almost 200 years, a 100% natural wool material spun into yarn. Because the wool is sourced from hardy mountain sheep, it results in a fabric that is durable, soft, and even waterproof.


Techniques for making our uniforms


Gottseidank, too, prioritise making production as sustainable as possible, using traditional techniques and premium materials in tandem with modern production expertise, to ensure a quality finish. They create our beautiful women’s dirndls.

With a focus on the joy, pride and connection that comes with wearing a beautiful traditional outfit, Gottsiedank say –

“Traditional dress is an expression of emotion and devotion in fabric form. The process of designing and producing traditional dress is fuelled by passion and a deep understanding of the past, customs and conventions.

[It] means something different to everyone. Each individual that wears it brings it to life in their own special way. And it is our aim that Gottseidank designs provide the spark of inspiration for us all.”


Our uniforms on some of our hosts


Our own tradition of dressing our teams in uniforms that align with the exceptional standards of our service is not one that we will replace any time soon. We understand that our clients value the charm and authenticity of preserving the Alpine heritage of the places they love to visit…


…and of course, that little extra spark of magic added to their luxury ski holidays.


Image credits: Yves Garneau for Bramble Ski, Pedro Rodrigues & Pascal Gertschen (via



15th July 2022

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