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8 Christmas Ski Chalets With The Best Dinning Rooms For A Festive Feast

Our Guide to Festive Feasts

The holiday season is upon us, and there’s nothing quite like celebrating Christmas in the cosy ambience of a luxury ski chalet. As you plan your festive getaway, one element that deserves special attention is the dining room – the heart of holiday gatherings and memorable feasts. Here’s a guide on what to look for in the perfect Christmas chalet dining room, ensuring a blend of comfort, style, and festive charm.

1. Ample Seating with a Touch of Luxury:

The ideal Christmas chalet dining room should provide ample seating for all your guests, ensuring everyone can come together for a festive feast. Look for comfortable, yet stylish dining chairs that exude a touch of luxury for those special meals. Plush upholstery, elegant designs, and the right balance of comfort and sophistication set the stage for a memorable dining experience.

Lech – Buhlhof Penthouse

Available for Christmas & New Year.


Festive Feast


2. Warm and Inviting Ambience:

Create a warm and inviting ambience that captures the spirit of Christmas. Opt for a dining room with a fireplace, where the crackling sounds of burning wood and the cosy glow of flames add a touch of enchantment. Soft, ambient lighting, such as strategically placed candles or fairy lights, can further enhance your festive feast.

Chalet Aconcagua – Zermatt

Available for Christmas & New Year.


Festive Feast


3. Spacious Layout for Festive Gatherings:

A spacious dining room layout allows for easy movement and accommodates the grandeur of festive gatherings. Consider an open-plan design that seamlessly connects the dining area with the living space, creating a sense of togetherness. Large windows with picturesque views of snow-covered landscapes never fail to add a magical wintery touch.

Chalet Valentine – Meribel

Available for Christmas & New Year.


festive feast


4. Festive Decor and Table Settings:

Look for a Christmas chalet dining room that provides a perfect canvas for your festive decor ideas. The space should be able to accommodate your beautifully adorned Christmas tree, and the dining table should be spacious enough for those extra special, elaborate table settings. Many of our luxury Christmas ski chalets offer a well-appointed dining space, complete with elegant, tasteful tableware and plenty of space for all of those delicious show-stopping dishes.

Skyfall Penthouse – St Anton

Available for Christmas.


Festive Feast - Skyfall Penthouse


5. Gourmet Kitchen Access:

The perfect Christmas chalet dining room is complemented by easy access to a well-equipped and spacious kitchen. This ensures seamless meal preparation and service, and allows space for you or your private chef to get creative with the festive feast! Look for a chalet that boasts a kitchen with modern appliances and plenty of worktop space, ideal for the multitasking necessary when preparing multi-course meals!

Chalet Altius – Meribel

Available for Christmas & New Year.


Festive Feast - Chalet Altius


6. Cosy Nooks and Secluded Corners:

While a spacious layout is ideal, don’t overlook the charm of cosy nooks and secluded corners within the living & dining spaces. These areas offer opportunities for relaxing, conversing, reading, or simply enjoying a hot chocolate by the fire. A perfect balance between openness and intimacy makes for an inviting Christmas retreat.

Breithorn – Verbier

Available for Christmas & New Year.


Festive Feast - Breithorn


7. Entertainment Options:

A well-rounded Christmas chalet dining room should include entertainment options to elevate the festive spirit! Look for features like a good quality built-in sound system for playing your favourite holiday tunes, and perhaps a cinema room for a cosy post-dinner Christmas movie night.

Etoile Du Nord West Wing – Val d’Isère

Available for Christmas & New Year.


festive feast -Etoile Du Nord West Wing


8. Outdoor Dining Opportunities:

If weather permits, having access to an outdoor dining area is a fantastic bonus. Picture a Christmas morning breakfast on a snow-covered terrace or an after-dinner champagne under the twinkling stars around a firepit. A chalet that integrates both indoor and outdoor dining options provides a versatile experience.

Taiga – Megeve

Available for Christmas & New Year.


Festive Feast - Chalet Taiga


In the quest for the perfect Christmas chalet dining room, prioritize comfort, style, and the ability to facilitate festive traditions. From luxurious seating to warm ambience and versatile entertainment options, these elements collectively create the kind of space where cherished holiday memories are made. As you embark on your festive retreat, may your Christmas chalet dining room be a beacon of warmth and joy for you and your loved ones.

If you haven’t yet decided on where to spend this Christmas, our sales team would be delighted to aid you in finding the perfect festive backdrop this winter.

6th December 2023

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