Elevate your ski experience: Our top tips on how to get ‘ski ready’!


As winter draws near, so does the thrilling anticipation of your long-awaited ski retreat. Skiing and snowboarding in high-altitude settings offer a unique and invigorating form of wellness. Engaging your balance, core, and overall strength, working muscles you might not typically use.


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Bramble’s Ski Fitness Tips

Crisp mountain air and high-altitude skiing contribute to an all-encompassing sense of well-being, making the mountains the perfect place to disconnect from the daily grind, catch your breath, and create memorable moments with friends and family.

Yet, let’s be honest; winter sports are a world apart from our usual fitness routines. This is where we step in, offering practical, expert advice on how to enhance your ski fitness ensuring you’re thoroughly prepared for your upcoming adventure!

We’ve spoken to two of our Bramble Ski Pros, Dorian Derosis and Stef Schipper, ski instructor concierges who are dedicated to their clients and have spent countless seasons in the mountains. With their wealth of experience in mastering pre-season preparation time and time again, they’re the perfect source to help us reach our goals and provide us with the best ski fitness tips!


Preparing your body for skiing

Ski fitness involves more than just following a workout plan. It’s a holistic approach that prepares both mind and body. Drawing from years of firsthand experience, including those times we found ourselves less prepared than we’d like to admit… We’ve gathered invaluable insights from the experts to offer practical advice for boosting your fitness and getting ready for the winter ahead.


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Commit to at least one weekly class

Dorian Derosis suggests joining a weekly Pilates or yoga class: 

“I count myself lucky to have a girlfriend who’s a skilled Reformer Pilates and yoga instructor. I make it a point to join her classes at least twice a week!”

Yoga and Pilates may not sound like typical ski fitness preparation, but they work wonders. They improve flexibility, balance, and body awareness, essential skills for tackling the challenges of skiing and snowboarding. Quick, unexpected movements are part and parcel of the experience, and these practices condition your body beautifully. Joining a regular class equips you with newfound agility and grace, ensuring you’re ready to hit the slopes. For some, it might even mean keeping up with the little ones as they fly down the hill.

Stef Schipper is also in tune with this approach and attends a weekly class: 

“Once a week, you’ll find me at a gymnastics class alongside a friend. It’s a routine that works wonders for my fitness and motor skills, both of which are essential for peak ski fitness.”



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Small Changes, Big Impact

Stef integrates active forms of transportation into his routine by cycling.

“Each day, I hop on my bike for a scenic commute to work and back – it’s become a favourite part of my routine, providing me with a solid hour of exercise. Sometimes, I’m treated to the incredible sight of a stunning sunset as I pedal my way home.”

Incorporating daily activities that raise your heart rate can gradually improve your cardiovascular fitness, ensuring you won’t find yourself breathless and needing a chairlift break after every run. Walking is another hero here—an easily embraced low-impact exercise. Instead of driving, consider going for a brisk walk while chatting with a friend or opt for a pedestrian commute. These small changes accumulate, leaving you less breathless and better prepared for the freshly groomed slopes.

Dorian emphasizes the significance of mental well-being, expressing his love for the outdoors: 

“For me, maintaining good mental health means spending my free time in nature, engaging in the activities I love most: hiking, camping, surfing, and exploring.”

For Stef, keeping his mind and body in check involves heading to the sea:

“During the weekends, when the conditions align just right, I prioritize catching some waves on my surfboard. It’s not only an excellent way to stay in shape but also leaves me with a great sense of well-being.”


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Strength and mobility training for skiing

Dorian outlines how he ensures his strength levels are up to scratch for the slopes after the summer months:

“To stay fit, I’ve been diligently following a gym program my ski instructor/personal trainer colleague has designed for me.” 

Targeted strength training is another key aspect of ski readiness. Whether you’re working with a personal trainer or taking the DIY route, focus on compound exercises that boost overall body strength. This not only primes you for the mountains, but also enhances your skiing technique.

Functional training is your friend, as it mirrors the demands of skiing and is renowned for enhancing strength while preserving flexibility and range of motion. Think variations of squats, lunges, deadlifts, and planks—movements and exercises aimed to mirror those we make on the mountains.


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Pre-skiing warm-ups & Post Ski Cool Downs

So, you’ve arrived at your alpine haven. Before you rush onto your skis, take a moment to stretch those muscles and prevent potential injuries. Gentle pre-ski stretching or yoga will serve you well.

Then, after a day of mountain exploration, it’s time to indulge in well-deserved relaxation. Whether you’re in our recommended in-resort wellness spot or your own in-chalet private spa, consider taking a dip in a heated pool and enjoy a soothing swim to gently stretch your tired muscles. A session in the hot tub can work wonders too as you release the day’s tensions, and stepping into the sauna will help reset and detox after those well-deserved après-ski drinks.

For the ultimate post-ski treat, book yourself in for a relaxing or deep tissue massage that will melt away the day’s exertions and leave you feeling refreshed and ready for another round of mountain adventures. Just pick up the phone to your dedicated Bramble Ski concierge to arrange it, and you’ll be in a world of bliss in no time. 


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We Believe in Balance

With Bramble Ski, your stay isn’t just about skiing; it’s about departing your retreat feeling rejuvenated, content, and overflowing with cherished memories. Thanks to all your hard work in the lead-up to your holiday, and your newfound ski fitness, we hope that you can ski to your full potential and indulge in all the incredible experiences a ski resort has to offer. So as winter draws closer, make sure to buckle up, readying yourself for your next Alpine getaway.

Are you craving the slopes and ready to start planning your next ski trip? Contact us today to enquire, or check our full availability for this winter. 



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