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Events in Lech

Immersive events

Experience the vibrant events that define Lech throughout the seasons. In winter, immerse yourself in the enchanting Christmas market in the central square, where local chalet-style stands showcase goods, accompanied by choirs and brass bands and the festive scent of Glühwein. The White Ring ski race, an annual highlight, challenges competitors over 22km of pistes and 5,500m of altitude, earning cult status in the region.

Arts and culture

As well has having a vibrant sporting scene, Lech is renowned for it cultural and arts scene, with many events, festival and exhibitions throughout the year. Designed by internationally recognised James Turrell, the Skyspace Lech is a unique work of art that draws your gaze to the mountain sky above. With Lech’s history steeped in skiing, there are several museums that can take you on a journey through the rich history of the region.

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