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Meribel comes to life with it's vibrant array of events

Winter celebrations and sporting events

Experience Méribel’s festive atmosphere with musical and artistic events marking the opening of the resort. In December, the celebrations continue with Christmas entertainment, creating a magical and festive atmosphere throughout the village.

Méribel hosts renowned sporting events such as the Ski World Cup in 2022 and the World Ski Championships in 2023, showcasing top-level skiing talent in the heart of the French Alps. The end of the season is highlighted by the Enduro des 3 Vallées, one of the biggest gatherings of skiers.

Wellness events

As spring arrives, Méribel transforms into a wellness retreat during the Zen Altitude Fortnight. Discover rejuvenating activities and relaxation sessions amidst the stunning Alpine landscapes. This event offers a unique opportunity to unwind and indulge in wellness activities tailored to enhance your mountain escape.

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