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Activities in Courchevel

Ecxceptional experiences on and off the mountain

Off-slope adventures

If you’re in the mood for something different, hop on a sledge and race down the thrilling 2km luge from Tovets to Courchevel Village or tackle the 3km Moriond racing piste, an adrenaline-fueled toboggan run with twists, turns, and tunnels. If you prefer a more relaxed pace, embark on a scenic husky sled excursion or a horse-drawn carriage ride, snuggled under warm blankets, savouring breathtaking landscapes. Should you seek a break from the cold outdoors, Courchevel 1850 boasts a bowling alley, ice rink, indoor climbing wall, and an English-language cinema. You won’t run short of extraordinary experiences, and your pre-arrival concierge will be on hand to take care of every last detail.


Our on-the-ground expertise sets us apart. Our dedicated concierges possess an intimate knowledge of the mountain, its surroundings, and the myriad activities available. With their unparalleled insight, they’re equipped to advise and curate experiences tailored to each guest, ensuring an unforgettable stay that caters to all preferences and interests.

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